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Finding Editorial Cartoons In Pro Quest Newspapers

The ProQuest Newspapers databases contain comprehensive historical coverage of three of the most important U.S. newspapers:
1) Historical New York Times 1851-2004
2) Historical Washington Post 1877-1990
3) Historical Los Angeles Times 1881-1985
4) Los Angeles Times (current) 1986-present

In Advanced Search, enter your terms in the search field. On the second row, select Document Type from the dropdown menu. An option will appear to Look up document types. Select this option to choose editorial cartoon from the list. Or you can enter editorial cartoon in the search field. You can search across several of ProQuest newspaper databases at once. Click on Select multiple databases, and choose the newspapers from a list. NOTE: you cannot search both Historical Newspapers and Current Newspapers at the same time.

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If you are searching a Historical Newspaper database, the search results will be sorted by Oldest first as the default. You can resort the search results by selecting the dropdown menu and selecting Most Recent First.

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Each search result lists a brief citation of the editorial cartoon. Many editorial cartoons are untitled. The citation will also present options for viewing the result. If available, choose Page map. This will give you a view of the newspaper section the cartoon appeared in.

Attach:pq_citation.jpg Δ

The page map view also lists other formats in which you can view the result.

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Citation: extended citation of the editorial cartoon, including date and publication information.
Abstract: citation with a brief description of the editorial cartoon. Many of the results from ProQuest Current Newspapers will only let you view an abstract.
Article Image: a PDF of the article associated with the editorial cartoon, but not the cartoon itself
Page Image: a PDF of the page the editorial cartoon appeared on, including the cartoon.

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